Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

»The Star of Hope«

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

The eighth Louis Lewandowski Festival is dedicated to two historic anniversaries closely linked in all their diversity: the 80th anniversary of the pogrom in November 1938 and the 70th birthday of the State of Israel.
The home of the Jewish people arose from the destruction of the Holocaust and created a rich tradition of choral music. The participating choirs will let us experience this beautiful heritage.
November pogrom as a symbol for the subsequent extermination of the Jews and the founding of the State of Israel are thematically very closely linked, since the founding of the State of Israel is to be understood as a response to the mass murder in the Shoah.

After a short musical commemoration we will turn to the creative, positive power of Israeli choral music in all its facets and richness. In it the reference to the construction of the country with its people and landscapes, to the revived Hebrew language, to the Jewish religion, to the Bible, to name but a few examples, found its artistic, identity-generating expression. It is also a mirror of the social development of the country. While in the initial phase the focus was on the music of Ashkenazic Jews from Europe, over the years it became more diverse and depicted the various ethnic groups living in the country. The festival wants to do justice to this diversity and spans 70 years of Israel.

Choirs of the 2018 festival

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