Festival Program 2020

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Festival Opening and Concert | Streaming

17:00 | St. Nikolaikirche, Potsdam

St. Nikolaikirche, Potsdam
Am Alten Markt, 14467 Potsdam


“Adon Olam” – Lord of the World
This 11th century prayer poem was set to music by various composers. A journey through the different Jewish centers of Europe and different epochs. Performed by the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin (choir) with cantor Isaac Sheffer under the conduction of Regina Yantian.

“Shacharit”(2018) by Ella Milch-Sheriff (German Premiere)
Oratorio for soprano and baritone solo, mixed choir and chamber orchestra performed by the Berliner Symphoniker together with the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin and the soloists cantor Isaac Sheffer (tenor), Yasmine Levi-Ellentuck (soprano), Gabriel Loewenheim (baritone) and Jürgen Geiger (organist).

Speakers: Dr. Dietmar Woidke, Minister President of Brandenburg, and Festival Director Nils Busch-Petersen

Concert Live Recording
St. Nikloaikirche, Am Alten Markt, 14467 Potsdam

Saturday, 19 December 2020 | CANCELED!

Cantor Concert CANCELED!

18:00 | Krankenhauskirche im Wuhlgarten

Krankenhauskirche im Wuhlgarten
Brebacher Weg 15 – Haus 34 | 12683 Berlin-Biesdorf

Dear interested guests,

unfortunately we had to cancel this concert due to corona. We will try to make up for it in the course of 2021.
Many thanks for your understanding.

PKW: Parkplätze Altentreptower Straße und UKB (Einfahrt über Blumberger Damm)
ÖPNV: U / S-­Bahn Wuhletal; Bus X69, 154, 191
Kartentelefon 030–562 951 613 | Nov – Dez 14.00 – 16.00 | kirche@wuhletal.de

Krankenhauskirche im Wuhlgarten | Brebacher Weg 15 – Haus 34 | 12683 Berlin-Biesdorf

Sonday, 20 December 2020

Grand Final Concert | Streaming

17:00 | Synagoge Rykestraße

Shabbat prayers from the evening and morning services set to music by various composers and sung by the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin, which is accompanied by the Lewandowski Festival String Quartet, the Ensemble Saxofon Quadrat and the organist Jürgen Geiger. Conductor: Regina Yantian

Synagoge Rykestraße
Rykestraße 53, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauerberg

Concert Recording
Synagoge Rykestraße, Rykestraße 53, 10405 Berlin

We reserve the right to make changes due to corona.