Magazin 2022

From Rossi to Rossini - the 2022 festival is dedicated to Italy's synagogal music from five centuries. Never before the founding of the State of Israel did Jews of such diverse origins live together and in such a stimulating - if sometimes threatening - environment as in Italy.

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2021/22

Gleich drei Jubiläen waren im Jahr 2021/22 miteinander verwoben: das Festjahr „1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben in Deutschland“, die zum „Instrument des Jahres 2021“ gekrönte Orgel und der 200. Geburtstag von Louis Lewandowski, dem Namensgeber des Louis Lewandowski Festivals, das sich bereits 2021/2022…

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2019

This year the festival is dedicated to the synagogal music of composers from Southern Germany. Among them are contemporaries of Louis Lewandowski such as Maier Kohn (1802 - 1875), Max Löwenstamm (1814 - 1881) and Israel Meyer Japhet (1818 - 1892).

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

The eighth Louis Lewandowski Festival is dedicated to two historic anniversaries closely linked in all their diversity: the 80th anniversary of the pogrom in November 1938 and the 70th birthday of the State of Israel.

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2017

Artistically, the festival returns to its origins in its seventh year: like the first festival, it was dedicated to Louis Lewandowski's work.

Jüdische Renaissance und Barock in der Synagogal Musik

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2016

In 1622 the Italian-Jewish composer Salamone Rossi published a collection of sacred choral music in Hebrew. The "Songs of Solomon" were the first of their kind from the Renaissance and early Baroque, but were to be heard in the synagogue.

Das östliche Firmament

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2015

In the second half of the 19th century, the music of Sulzer and Lewandowski reached many cantors in Eastern Europe. As a result, Eastern European Jewish culture increasingly opened up to the West. A new style was created in which the choir sang in a western way, while the cantor performed free and…

Star and Stripes

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2014

The fourth festival is dedicated to the synagogal music of Jewish composers from Germany who emigrated to the United States.

LLF 2013

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2013

The third Louis Lewandowski Festival is dedicated to the memory of composers who were victims of National Socialism, whether they were persecuted and driven into exile or murdered.

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2012

The international festival of synagogue choral music with works by the magical triumvirate Louis Lewandowski, Salomon Sulzer and Samuel Naumbourg is taking place in Berlin for the second time this year. Guests will include choirs from Africa, Asia and Europe. Let yourself be enchanted!

LLF 2011

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2011

The Lewandowski Days are an international festival of synagogue music taking place in Berlin from 16 to 18 December 2011. It is dedicated to the German-Jewish composer Louis Lewandowski (*1821, †), who became known above all through the reform of synagogal music.