Cantor Isaac Sheffer

Cantor Isaac Sheffer, born in 1951 in Israel, has been living in Berlin for many years and has been cantor in the synagogue on Pestalozzistraße in Berlin for almost twenty years now. In 2000 he continued the legacy of the world-famous cantor Estrongo Nachama. His warm beautiful voice moves every listener.

Just like Nachama before him, he continued the tradition of German synagogal music of the 19th century in the style of Lewandowski and fills it to the present every Shabbat and on the holidays with life. The musical career began for the Israeli cantor as an opera singer at the opera in Tel Aviv.

Before Isaac Sheffer moved to Berlin, he served as cantor in New York‘s synagogues The Hebrew Tabernacle and Temple Beth Shalom. Every week when Cantor Isaac Sheffer enters the Bimah in the Berlin Synagogue Pestalozzistraße and begins the Shabbat service, the worshipers know that this Chasan is one with God and his congregation.

What helps him are his experiences as an opera singer. Because even there he has approached the music about the text. In the synagogue, prayer determines the music, not the other way around.

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Kantor-Isaac-Sheffer singend in der Synagoge Pestalozzistraße
Kantor-Isaac-Sheffer singend in der Synagoge Rykestraße