Louis Lewandowski Festival 2020

Berlin | Potsdam 17 – 20 December 2020

The good news: The Louis Lewandowski Festival 2020 will take place. This year’s 10th festival will take place in times of Corona under the title “Limited Edition”. Limited Edition means that we invite fewer guests on and in front of the stages to fewer concerts. In compensation we will stream the concerts for you via online channels. We will keep you informed about all concerts, ensemble, dates and locations.


Dear guests and friends of the festival,
please understand that all our program planning – i.e. locations, dates and participating musicians – are subject to a certain Corona reservation. Furthermore, we will adhere to a strict hygiene plan. This means, among other things, that seats at individual concerts are in short supply and you will have to provide your personal data, just as you know it from cafés and restaurants, even at concerts with free admission.

We will let you know in good time when and how you can purchase tickets.

All the best and stay healthy!
Your festival team