Louis Lewandowski Festival 2019

Berlin | Potsdam 19. – 22. Dezember

This year's festival is dedicated to the synagogal music of composers from southern Germany. Among them are contemporaries of Louis Lewandowski such as Maier Kohn (1802 - 1875), Max Löwenstamm (1814 - 1881) and Israel Meyer Japhet (1818 - 1892).

In addition to their compositions, they also perform works written by a new generation of composers from the early 20th century to the 1930s for cantor, choir and organ, which represent a further development and modernization of the works of the 19th century. These include composers such as Emanuel Kirschner (1857-1938), Heinrich Schalit (1886-1976), Hugo Chaim Adler (1894-1955) and others.

Shortly we will introduce you to the choirs and ensembles of this year!