14 - 17 December 2023

Dear Friends of the Louis Lewandowski Festival,

You are probably surprised that we have not yet published a programme for this year 2023. The financing of the festival 2023 is not yet secured, which is due to the generally difficult times and the economic situation of many traditional sponsors. In this respect, our ideas, wishes and plans are still provisional. Therefore, we ask you for a little patience. We will keep you updated here and hope for a great festival!

Kind regards

Ihr Nils Busch-Petersen | Festival Director

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2023

Jews from all over the world have been immigrating to the Land of Israel for more than a hundred years.
Israel was culturally dominated by Eastern and Western European Jews before the founding of the state and in the first two decades. Through various immigration groups from North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, it gained more and more diversity in the 1970s at the latest.
New Israeli musical cultures have grown out of the diversity of musical cultures from all over the world, which the 13th Louis Lewandowski Festival would like to bring closer to the Berlin audience.

This year we welcome: Geffen Choir – Israel, Nashirah Choir – Philadelphia, USA, Synagogal Ensemble Berlin – Germany, Yamma Ensemble – Tel Aviv, Israel, and Maureen Nehedar, Israel.

Choirs and artists 2023

Still preliminary!

Maureen Nehedar

Maureen Nehedar is a vocal artist, composer and paytanit - a singer of Jewish liturgical poetry - as well as a poet and researcher of Jewish musical traditions in general and the Jewish Persian tradition in particular.

Geffen choir at concert

Geffen choir

Geffen choir is one of the finest vocal Israeli ensembles, and proud to hold the highest standards. The choir's main priority is performing acapella music and sharing the special joy and intimacy of choral singing with a varied audience of different ages and backgrounds.

Yamma Ensemble

The Yamma Ensemble is one of the projects of the Israeli singer Talya G. A Solan. With the Yamma Ensemble, she is searching for the roots of traditional Israeli music.

Synagogal Ensemble Berlin

The Synagogal Ensemble Berlin (SEB) was founded in 2002 by Regina Yantian as a concert ensemble. It consists of 8 - 16 professional singers, who work at international opera houses and are also active as freelance concert singers in the choir of the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue, among others. Choir…

Nashirah Choral

Nashirah was founded in 2002 when a group of singers wondered if we could start a choir with auditions and a focus on Jewish music. At the time, there was no such choir in the Philadelphia region. We decided that we would have a professional artistic director and a professional accompanist. We…

Regina Yantian – Musical Director

Since the very beginning, musicologist Regina Yantian has been the artistic director of the Louis Lewandowski Festival, which is taking place in Berlin for the thirteenth time this year.