Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

Berlin | Potsdam 20. - 23. December

In Judaism, joy and sorrow are very close together, and so we dedicate the LLF 2018 to a happy and a sad event, the 70th Independence Day of the State of Israel and the 80th return of the November pogrom of 1938.

Star of Hope – Israeli Choral Music
November pogrom as a symbol for the subsequent extermination of the Jews and the founding of the State of Israel are thematically very closely linked, since the founding of the State of Israel is to be understood as a response to the mass murder in the Shoah.

After a short musical commemoration we will turn to the creative, positive power of Israeli choral music in all its facets and richness. In it, the connection to the development of the country with its people and landscapes was found,

on the revived Hebrew language, the Jewish religion, the Bible, to name but a few examples, their artistic, identity-forming expression. It is also a mirror of the social development of the country.

While in the initial phase the focus was on the music of Ashkenazic Jews from Europe, over the years it became more diverse and depicted the various ethnic groups living in the country. The festival wants to do justice to this diversity and spans 70 years of Israel.

Choirs of the Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

Last year, the seventh Louis Lewandowski Festival returned to one of the fathers of modern synagogal music and thus to the festival's namesake.

ADI CLASSICAL YOUNG CHOIR at the New Vocal Ensemble was established in 2006 by Yishai Shteckler and Goni Bar Sela. Since 2009, it performs under the baton of its musical director, conductor Oded Shomrony.

Adi Classical Young Choir, Israel

Adi Classical Young Choir at the New Vocal Ensemble was established in 2006 by Yishai Shteckler and Goni Bar Sela. Since 2009, it performs under the baton of its musical director, conductor Oded Shomrony. The choir performs in subscription series of Orchestras and various a cappella programs at HaMishkan LeOmanuyot HaBama, Abu Ghosh Festival, the Jerusalem Music Centre, the Tel Aviv Museum of the Arts, the Felicja Blumental Music Center and the Mormon University in Jerusalem.

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Cecilia Ensemble, Israel

A new ensemble from the Moran Choirs group, the Cecila Ensemble, is comprised of eight outstanding solo vocalists from Israel.
The Ensemble was founded in 2016 by Naomi Faran, conductor and musical director of the Moran Choirs, to become the professional representative Ensemble, performing original and unique musical programs, in collaboration with the best composers from Israel and around the globe.

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Academic  Symphony Orchestra of Chernivtsi Philharmonic Society

Chernivtsi Philharmonic Orchestra

The first concert by Symphony Orchestra took place in Chernivtsi in 26 November 1992. It was organized by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Kostryzh and the Head of Chernivtsi City Council Viktor Pavliuk. Since 2000 Chief Conductor and Art Director – Josyp Sozansky.

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Ensemble Barocameri, Israel

Ensemble Barocameri, Israel

Ensemble Barocameri, established nearly six years ago, is led by conductor and musical director Avner Itai, and includes musicians, singers and instrumentalists, from all over Israel, whose desire is to make music they love, in the way they love to make music.

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The four Berlin musicians transcend established musical genre boundaries and socially established concert habits: SAXOFONQUADRAT transforms the classical concert hall into a bubbling jazz stage and the wicked scene club into a devout church.

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Das »Synagogal Ensemble Berlin« ist das einzige Profi-Ensemble, das jeden Freitagabend, Schabbatmorgen sowie an allen jüdischen Feiertagen die Liturgie von Louis Lewandowski zum Klingen bringt.

Synagogal Ensemble Berlin

The Synagogal Ensemble Berlin is the only professional ensemble in the world to perform Louis Lewandowski's liturgy every Friday evening, every Shabbat morning and on all Jewish feast days. Its members are eight singers, who belong to the Choirs of the Berlin Opera Houses and of Berlin Radio or work as freelance soloists. It is directed by Regina Yantian M.A.

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The Male Choir of Cantorial Art Academy was established in 1989 with personal support from Mikhail Gorbachev, then president of the USSR, and assistance from the Russian Jewish Community and Joint Distribution Committee, an American Jewish charity. In 1998 the choir was renamed the Hassidic Cappella and based at the Moscow Maryina Roshcha Jewish Community.

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Festival Magazin 2017

Since 2016 the annual festival magazine has been published with interesting articles about the festival - portraits of the choirs, the programmes of the events and impressions of the previous year. Here you will find a few excerpts.


The choirs sing again in the Reinbeckhallen in Berlin-Obeschöneweide and the audience is invited to sing along. At the Festival 2016 a concert of a different kind took place for the first time with the support of the mayor of Treptow-Köpenick, Oliver Igel …

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St. Nilkolai, Potsdam

In 2017, Louis Lewandowski Festival will make his first guest appearance in one of Potsdam’s most important buildings: the Protestant Church of St. Nicholas. The enormous dome, inspired among other things by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, forms the characteristic centre of the city …

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An unbroken Legacy

Two months after the liberation of Berlin two hundred people gathered for a memorial service in the British sector of Berlin, in the cleaned-up ruins of the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue. In a letter, an American GI describes this service to his wife, …

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Louis Lewandowski

The life of Louis Lewandowski, who was born in Wreschen near Poznan in 1821, was never an easy one. At the age of 12, the boy was sent by his family to Berlin to take care of himself …

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Greetings to the Festival 2017

We are pleased about the support of the Governing Mayor of Berlin and the Chairman of the Jewish Community of Berlin.

Partner and Sponsors

We thank our partners and sponsors, who make this great festival possible year after year.