Four Israelis in Berlin

If you saunter through the streets and alleyways of Berlin, you do not have to look far or listen carefully to hear the happy and not always quiet sound of the Hebrew language. Jewish life is pulsating again in Berlin. Jewish life is back in the German capital. Tens of thousands of Israelis daily bring a little bit of light back to the once dark place.

Considering what had happened to the Jewish people in Berlin, how much injustice they had to experience and what a great tragedy has come over them, which was planned and executed in the heart of Berlin precisely and full of hatred in cold blood to the last detail, it can be considered a wonder that the Jewish people were not completely wiped out and it is one thing above all: not a matter of course.

With the Louis Lewandowski Festival there is now a permanent institution in the city, which annually celebrates Jewish liturgy, bringing ensembles, soloists and choirs to Berlin and inspiring thousands of guests, taking them on a spiritual journey.
Many of the main actors are Israelis who came to Berlin many years ago and found here a new home. They all have one thing in common: the love of music, love to the Jewish liturgy and the legacy of Lewandowski’s work. What brought them to Berlin? In some cases, it is love in other cases, it is the inspiring atmosphere of Berlin, the exchange with highly professional colleagues and the countless opportunities to develop and grow.
What makes them stay in Berlin? In this case, the answer is clear: the music. Always with a melody on their lips, they are part of this city making the light of Jewish life shine stronger than ever before.