La Chorale Le Chant Sacre

Le Chant Sacré, Strasbourg

Le Chant Sacré is a male choir consisting of approximately twenty singers. The choir's repertoire focuses on Jewish-Ashkenazi liturgy (central European and German Jewish tradition) both in Hebrew and…

Ramatayim Mens Choir Jerusalem-580

Ramatayim Men’s Choir , Jerusalem

Der Ramatayim Men's Choir wurde 1995 von vier Enthusiasten gegründet. Er besteht heute aus 40 Sängern, Mitglieder, die in Israel geboren wurden sowie Immigranten aus vier Kontinenten.

L ‘Ensemble Choral Copernic, Paris

L ‘Ensemble Choral Copernic, Paris

Founded in 2004, Ensemble Choral Copernic is a mixed choir of 25 passionate amateurs, hosted by Union Libérale Israélite de France (ULIF), aka the “Copernic street synagogue”, a Paris congregation,…

Toronto Jewish Male Choir

Toronto Jewish Male Choir

The TJMC has performed successfully at many concerts in Toronto, has sung with some of the world's leading Chazzanim, participated in massed Jewish choral performances and, mindful of the needs of…

Yakar Choir Israel


The Yakar-Choir was founded in 2005 by Nurth Cohn. The choir consists of 26 Jewish orthodox female and male singers. The repertoire ranges from liturgical music with emphasis on Lewandowski to modern…

The Warsaw Singers


»The Warsaw Singers« is a Polish chamber choir founded in 2010 by conductor and artistic director Sebastian Gunerka and a few other members of the choir. The choir consists of 16 professional singers…

Das »Synagogal Ensemble Berlin« ist das einzige Profi-Ensemble, das jeden Freitagabend, Schabbatmorgen sowie an allen jüdischen Feiertagen die Liturgie von Louis Lewandowski zum Klingen bringt.

Synagogal Ensemble Berlin

The Synagogal Ensemble Berlin is the only choir whose singers bring the liturgy of Louis Lewandowski to life every Friday evening, Sabbath morning, and on Jewish holidays.

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