Tehila & Band

Out-of-the-box, expressive and warm timbered, Tehila is a versatile and soulful musician with a wide range including both soprano and mezzo soprano repertoire. Her musical interests and passion begin with early baroque and folk music and end with pieces written for her unique abilities. She enjoys…

Nashirah Chorale

Nashirah was founded in 2002 when a group of singers wondered if we could start a choir with auditions and a focus on Jewish music. At the time, there was no such choir in the Philadelphia region. We decided that we would have a professional artistic director and a professional accompanist. We…

Yamma Ensemble

The Yamma Ensemble is one of the projects of the Israeli singer Talya G. A Solan. With the Yamma Ensemble, she is searching for the roots of traditional Israeli music.


The ensemble was founded in Galilee, Israel, by Elam Rotem. It is currently based in Basel, Switzerland, where its members completed advanced studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

Kol Zimrah Jewish Community Singers

Kol Zimrah Jewish Community Singers began in 1996 and now includes members from over a dozen Chicago-area synagogues. Kol Zimrah provides a common forum for singers from many backgrounds in the pursuit of musical excellence.

Coro Ha-Kol

The Coro Ha-Kol (The Voice) was founded in December 1993 on the initiative of some singers of the Tempio Maggiore, the largest synagogue in Rome, and other lovers of the Jewish musical tradition.

The Moran Singer Ensemble

Moran Singers Ensemble

Das Moran Singers Ensemble wurde 1998 als professionelles Ensemble unter der fachkundigen musikalischen Leitung der Dirigentin Naomi Faran gegründet. Es widmet sich der Förderung musikalischer Spitzenleistungen und des Sologesangs unter jungen israelischen Singenden. Der Hausdirigent des Ensembles…

Regina Yantian – Musical Director

Since the very beginning, musicologist Regina Yantian has been the artistic director of the Louis Lewandowski Festival, which is taking place in Berlin for the thirteenth time this year.

Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir

The Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir has 32 members, mostly students or graduates of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. The choir, founded in 1969 by Avner Itai, was immediately recognized as one of the best choirs in the country. Music Director is Stanley Sperber.

The Moran Choir

The Moran Choir includes 40 young singers ages 12-18. It was established by Naomi Faran, in 1986. The vision of the choir is to provide young children coral education, musical training, and performance opportunities and to spread the love for choral singing in Israel and around the world.

The Baruch Brothers Choir 01

The Baruch Brothers Choir

The Baruch Brothers Choir from Belgrade was established in as the Serbian-Jewish Singers Society in 1879, with the goal of cherishing the cultural and artistic heritage and tradition of the Jewish people which live in these parts. Conductor and Musical Director is Stefan Zekić.

Academic  Symphony Orchestra of Chernivtsi Philharmonic Society

Chernivtsi Philharmonic Orchestra

The first concert by Symphony Orchestra took place in Chernivtsi in 26 November 1992. It was organized by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Kostryzh and the Head of Chernivtsi City Council Viktor Pavliuk. Since 2000 Chief Conductor and Art Director – Josyp Sozansky.


Cecilia Ensemble, Israel

A new ensemble from the Moran Choirs group, the Cecila Ensemble, is comprised of eight outstanding solo vocalists from Israel. The Ensemble was founded in 2016 by Naomi Faran, conductor and musical director of the Moran Choirs, to become the professional representative Ensemble, performing original…



The Male Choir of Cantorial Art Academy was established in 1989 with personal support from Mikhail Gorbachev, then president of the USSR, and assistance from the Russian Jewish Community and Joint Distribution Committee, an American Jewish charity. In 1998 the choir was renamed the Hassidic…



The four Berlin musicians transcend established musical genre boundaries and socially established concert habits: Saxofonquadrat transforms the classical concert hall into a bubbling jazz stage and the wicked scene club into a devout church.

Adi Classical Young Choir, Israel

Adi Classical Young Choir at the New Vocal Ensemble was established in 2006 by Yishai Shteckler and Goni Bar Sela. Since 2009, it performs under the baton of its musical director, conductor Oded Shomrony. The choir performs in subscription series of Orchestras and various a cappella programs at…

Ensemble Barocameri, Israel

Ensemble Barocameri, Israel

Ensemble Barocameri, established nearly six years ago, is led by conductor and musical director Avner Itai, and includes musicians, singers and instrumentalists, from all over Israel, whose desire is to make music they love, in the way they love to make music.

Der Zemel Choir gegründet 1955 von Dudley Cohen, genießt als einer der besten gemischten jüdischen Chöre weltweit, internationale Anerkennung.


The Zemel Choir, founded in 1955 by Dudley Cohen, enjoys international recognition as one of the best mixed Jewish choirs worldwide.

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Der Tivon Israel Chamber Choir wurde 1974 gegründet und besteht derzeit aus 45 Sängern aus Kiryat Tivon und Umgebung, im Norden Israels.


The Tivon Israel Chamber Choir was established in 1974 and currently consists of 45 singers from Kiryat Tivon and the surrounding area in Northern Israel. The choir’s repertoire includes a-cappella and oratorio pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods as well as contemporary music including Israeli and folk music.

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Das Repertoire der Jerusalem A-Cappella Singers spiegelt ein Prisma an Traditionen wider. In den letzten Jahren wurde das Ensemble eingeladen, an offiziellen Anlässen in der Knesset mitzuwirken.

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Synagoge Chor Zürch


The »Synagogenchor Zürich«, conducted by Robert Braunschweig, consists of approx. 24 singers. The choir is supported by the Jewish Community of Zurich (ICZ).