Louis Lewandowski Festival 2019


This year the festival is dedicated to the synagogal music of composers from Southern Germany. Among them are contemporaries of Louis Lewandowski such as Maier Kohn (1802 – 1875), Max Löwenstamm (1814 – 1881) and Israel Meyer Japhet (1818 – 1892).

In addition to their compositions, they also perform works written by a new generation of composers from the early 20th century to the 1930s for cantor, choir and organ, which represent a further development and modernization of the works of the 19th century. These include composers such as Emanuel Kirschner (1857-1938), Heinrich Schalit (1886-1976), Hugo Chaim Adler (1894-1955) and others.

Shortly we will introduce you to the choirs and ensembles of this year!

Chöre des Festival 2019

Coming soon …