Grusswort Ministerpräsident Dr. Dietmar Woidke

Der Ministerpräsident von Brandenburg, Dr. Dietmar Woidke: Als Schirmherr begrüße ich Sie sehr herzlich zum 9. Louis Lewandowski Festival, das wie jedes Jahr eindrucksvoll den Reichtum jüdischer Musik präsentiert...

Impressions 2018

Impressionen vom Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018 – Konzerte, Menschen, Chöre und ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des 8. Festivals.

Palästina als britisches Mandat 1922–48: Jüdische Einwanderung.  Singen der HaTikwah (= die Hoffnung; später Nationalhymne Israels) auf einer Versammlung jüdischer Einwanderer.  Foto, um 1935.

Choral Music Landscape Israel

The foundation for Israeli choral music was laid decades before the establishment of the Jewish state, in the Yishuv, the Jewish settlement in Palestine during the British Mandate.

Israeli Composer Anna Segal, photo by Alex Vanzetti

Anna Segal – world premiere of the oratorio Todesfuge

Paul Celan's "Death Fugue" was the basis for Anna Segal's oratorio "Death Fugue", which premieres at the Louis Lewandowski Festival.


GDR special stamp for the Reconstruction of the New Synagogue

Among the 62 special stamps that the last stamp year of the former GDR comprised were two dedicated to the reconstruction of the New Synagogue. One showed a portrait of the New Synagogue, the other a portrait of Louis Lewandowski.

Vier Israelis in Berlin

four Israelis in Berlin

Schlendert man durch die Straßen und Gassen Berlins muss man nicht lange suchen oder ganz genau hinhören, um die glücklichen und nicht immer leisen Klänge der Hebräischen Sprache zu vernehmen. Jüdisches Leben pulsiert wieder in Berlin. Jüdisches Leben ist zurück in der deutschen Hauptstadt.……

Interview with Festival Director Nils Busch-Petersen

Nils Busch-Petersen in an interview with Festival Magazin: "The Handelsverband Berlin-Brandenburg and its members have supported the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin since 2007 and the "Louis Lewandowski Festival - World Festival of Synagogue Music" since 2011 as main sponsors and partners."

Kantor Isaac Sheffer singend in der Synagoge Rykestraße

Cantor Isaac Sheffer

Cantor Isaac Sheffer, born in 1951 in Israel, has been living in Berlin for many years and has been cantor in the synagogue on Pestalozzistraße in Berlin for almost twenty years now. In 2000 he continued the legacy of the world-famous cantor Estrongo Nachama. His warm beautiful voice moves every…

Cantor Joseph Malovany

Cantor Joseph Malovany

With his unique voice Cantor Joseph Malovany of the Fifth Ave Synagogue in New York, is one of the most famous stars of his guild. His heartfelt prayers are masterfully woven with orchestral and choral music to raise spiritual awareness and to guide the transcendence of the spirit beyond the here…

Israeli composer Anna Segal, photo by Alex Vanzetti

»Death Fugue« by Paul Celan

Black milk of morning we drink you at dusktime we drink you at noontime and dawntime we drink you at night we drink and drink we scoop out a grave in the sky where it’s roomy to lie There’s a man in this house who cultivates snakes and who writes


Following the call and need of many Jewish communities inGermany for comprehensively trained cantors, a decade ago in 2008, the Abraham Geiger College was founded at the University of Potsdam with the support of the families of Jim and Stephen K.Breslauer.

Michael Müller-Regierenden Bürgermeisters von Berlin


Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin. I warmly welcome all participating choirs, musicians and guests to the 8th Louis-Lewandowski-Festival 2018.


Dr. Gideon Joffe – Vorsitzender der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin

Louis Lewandowski's work has had a lasting influence on synagogue music and continues to inspire cantors and organists all over the world. His commitment was above all an expression of the growing integration of the German Jews, who longed for a reform of traditional worship services


Dr. Gideon Joffe | Vorsitzender der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin

It is largely thanks to the great reformer of synagogal music that the traditional Jewish prayer service took on a new form.


Two months after the liberation of Berlin two hundred people gathered for a memorial service in the British sector of Berlin, in the cleaned-up ruins of the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue. In a letter, an American GI describes this service to his wife, saying it was “impressive in the extreme,”…

Louis´ Lab 2017

Louis´Lab 2017

At last year’s festival, a concert of a different kind took place for the first time with the support of the mayor of Treptow-Köpenick, Oliver Igel.

St-Nicolai Potsdam

St. Nikolai, Potsdam

Erstmals gastiert das Louis Lewandowski ineinem der bedeutendsten BauwerkePotsdams: der evangelischen Kirche St. Nikolai. Die gewaltige Kuppel, unter anderem von der St.-Pauls-Kathedrale in London inspiriert, bildet den charakteristischen Mittelpunkt der Stadt.

Nils Busch- Petersen | Festivaldirektor

Nils Busch-Petersen | Festival director

Liebe singende und lauschende Teilnehmende am 7. Louis Lewandowski Festival, seienSie herzlich willkommen!

Michael Müller | Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin

I would like to welcome all musicians and guests to the 7th Louis Lewandowski Festival.

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