Vocaliza women’s choir was founded in 1997. The choir works in Tel-Aviv, Israel under the musical direction and conducting of Ira Kalechman, with the piano accompaniment of Arin Maisky. The choir consists of 25 non- professional female singers, coming from diverse professions, and united by their love for vocal music, devotion and commitment to hard work, and coping with musical challenges.

The choir’s repertoire consists of classical works for women choirs, both liturgical and secular, from different periods, as well as original Israeli works in acappella artistic adaptations.

Vocaliza has participated in different vocal music festivals, and gives a few concerts every year, mainly in churches, such as Notredam-de-Zion, the Scottish Church, and the University of Mormons in Jerusalem, or Imanuel Church in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, and to different audiences throughout the country.

Ira Kalechman – conductor and musical director, was born in Moscow, and is a cum laude graduate of the choir conducting faculty of Gnesin Academy in Moscow. In Israel she has conducted several choirs, and is currently conducting the Vocaliza women’s choir, the Jordan Valley regional council choir, and the “Paamon” (bell) girls’ choir in the Jordan Valley, as well as the “Lev Tel Aviv” (heart of Tel-Aviv) women choir. She is also a voice teacher, and a singer in Israel’s leading vocal choirs, currently in the “New Vocal Ensemble”.

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Der Jerusalem Cantors’ Choir wurde 1972 von einer Gruppe Studenten des Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rivlin gegründet. Rabbi Rivlin war der Gründer des


The Jerusalem Cantors Choir was established in 1972 by a select group of students of the late Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rivlin of Blessed Memory. Rabbi Rivlin was the founder of the "Shirat Yisrael Institute". The first conductor of the choir, who served until 2014, was Binyamin Glickman.

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Seit Generationen kommen Kinder mit ihren Eltern in die Synagoge Pestalozzistraße. Die Gottesdienste sind hier durch das Zusammenspiel von Kantor, Chor sowie Orgel und vor allem von der Musik Louis Lewandowskis geprägt.


For generations children have been coming to the synagogue in Pestalozzistraße with their parents. Here, the synagogue service is an interaction between cantor, choir and organ as well as Lewandowski’s music which plays a central role.

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Die London Cantorial Singers wurden 1995 von Ian Lyons gegründet. Der Chor interpretiert einst populäre, heute eher rar gewordene Synagogalmusik - möglichst dicht an der Originalversion des Komponisten.


The London Cantorial Singers were formed by Ian Lyons in 1995. The aim of the Choir is to perform synagogue music, once popular but now rarely heard, as far as possible in the composers’ original settings. Our repertoire also includes Israeli and Yiddish popular songs.

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Synagogal Ensemble Berlin

The Synagogal Ensemble Berlin (SEB) was founded in 2002 by Regina Yantian as a concert ensemble. It consists of 8 - 16 professional singers, who work at international opera houses and are also active as freelance concert singers in the choir of the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue, among others. Choir director and artistic director in Regina Yantian.

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Der Male Choir of Cantorial Art Academy wurde 1989 mit persönlicher Unterstützung des damaligen Präsidenten der UdSSR, Michail Gorbatschow, unter Hilfe der russischen jüdischen Gemeinschaft und dem Joint Distribution Committee gegegründet.


The Male Choir of Cantorial Art Academy was established in 1989 with personal support from Mikhail Gorbachev, then president of the USSR, and assistance from the Russian Jewish Community and JOINT, an American Jewish charity. In 1998 the choir was renamed the Hassidic Cappella and based at the Moscow Maryina Roshcha Jewish Community.

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