The »Synagogenchor Zürich«, conducted by Robert Braunschweig, consists of approx. 24 singers. The choir is supported by the Jewish Community of Zurich (ICZ).

»Synagogenchor Zürich« performs once a month at the Löwenstrasse Synagogue in Shabbat morning services as well as during high holidays. »Synagogenchor Zürich« also regularly performs at interdenominational events and has given numerous concerts.

The choir in the Löwenstraße synagogue has existed – in various forms – for over 100 years. Its members have and live a wide variety of religious orientations. They all share the joy of singing in the cultural and religious environment of the unified community ICZ, which cultivates an open and unifying attitude in the inner-Jewish discussion.

The choir’s repertoire includes about 60 mainly synagogue songs and chasan accompaniments by German, French, Polish and Russian composers of the 19th century as well as contemporary Swiss, American and Israeli musicians.

2011More choirs of the Louis Lewandowski Festival 2011

Gegründet 2006 von Hector Sabo, bestand das Ensemble Vocal Hébraïca bis 2011 aus vier männlichen Solisten des gemischten Chores Les Polyphonies Hébraïques de Strasbourg (Teilnehmer des LLF 2011).


Founded in 2006 by Hector Sabo and composed by the male soloists of the mixed choir Les Polyphonies Hébraïques de Strasbourg (participants in LLF 2011), the Ensemble Vocal Hébraïca performs as a vocal quartet until 2011. Then, the group had grown into a quintette to become a mixed voices octet in 2012 already.

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Alle Festival DVDs (Audio / Video) des Louis Lewandowski Festivals sind bei Hentrich & Hentrich, dem Verlag für jüdische Kultur und Zeitgeschichte erschienen. Die DVDs sind Aufzeichnungen der großen Abschlusskonzerte mit alle Ensembles des jeweiligen Jahres. Sprachen: deutsch und englisch.

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Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir 2011


The Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir celebrates 25 years of worship for the Jewish community in South Africa. The first performance took place in 1985 at the Linder Auditorium in Johannesburg - in memory of Cantor Johnny Gluck, whose wonderful voice still sounds in our hearts. Through his commitment, the JJMC succeeded in keeping the legacy of Jewish music alive.

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Synagogal Ensemble Berlin

The Synagogal Ensemble Berlin (SEB) was founded in 2002 by Regina Yantian as a concert ensemble. It consists of 8 - 16 professional singers, who work at international opera houses and are also active as freelance concert singers in the choir of the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue, among others. Choir director and artistic director in Regina Yantian.

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The »Zamir Chorale of Boston« was founded in 1969. Led by Founder and Artistic Director Joshua Jacobson, the Chorale comprises more than 45 experienced volunteer singers who perform music spanning thousands of years, four continents, and a variety of styles, both classical and popular.

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